Xeomin© is fast becoming the preferred treatment for fine lines and wrinkles because it has longer lasting results in most individuals. It is the first of a new generation of neuromodulator products to be released and it has distinct advantages over past market leaders.  Xeomin© is the same strain as other neuromodulators, but the complexing protein molecules have been eliminated, making the toxin protein free.  The result is a smaller molecule whose effects are longer lasting than the larger protein in the current leading product. Patients’ bodies also do not built up tolerance to Xeomin over time as they do with other similar medications, which means that they will not need stronger and stronger treatments to achieve the same results.

Xeomin© is branded and approved as Bocouture© in over 19 other countries and received its FDA Approval in July 2011.  Many patients have switched to this new product; through patient observation it appears that the duration of the product is longer lasting–up to 6 months.  It is distributed by Merz Pharma, who manufactured neuromodulators for Allergen prior to Allergen building their new manufacturing plant in France.  Merz Pharma is also the parent company of Bioform, the distributor for Radiesse© in the United States.

Dr. Roberts offers Xeomin© as well as other neuromodulators in her practice, treating patients according to their preference and the best type of injection for their particular body’s needs.