Weight Loss: Overview

I’ve been really successful with my weight loss, and I’ve had no trouble being motivated. I’m going to be 71 next week and I haven’t had any side effects, so that speaks to how safe this program is. Since I don’t like to cook, having the bars and shakes to eat has been great.
— L.H., Springfield, Missouri.
I’ve been gaining my whole life and despite seeing multiple doctors and specialists, I never lost a pound. I tried diet, exercise—everything. Dr. Roberts started me on the easiest diet I’ve ever done, and I’ve lost 11 pounds in a week and a half. She listens. I’m not someone she has to take notes on and go see someone else.
— N.A. Springfield, Missouri
My lipids were high enough that I was on the verge of needing medication for them. Dr. Roberts used hormone balancing, supplements, and diet/exercise to help me lose about 20 lbs. At the next physical, my doctor was shocked—all my lipids were in normal range! It was unbelievable. I was also able to go off another medication and my chronic migraines have improved. Even though I just went in for weight loss, I honestly feel that she looks at me as a whole person. She takes the time to listen, never makes me feel bad if I haven’t had a good week, and genuinely cares about my well being. I got a whole lot more than I was expecting.
— J.C. Springfield, Missouri
I can’t say how blessed I am that God led me to you! For the first time in ten years, I feel good. I had tried everything from diet pills to liposuction, but nothing made me feel like myself. I now have tons of energy and enthusiasm to keep going! The work is hard, but Dr. Roberts is such an encouragement that I don’t mind the diet and exercise at all. Finally, after many years, I have hope!
— C.D. Springfield, Missouri

Disclaimer: This testimonial does not represent a guarantee of medical improvement, and results may vary depending on the patient.

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Have you tried other weight loss programs and failed? Seventy percent of patients would rather have a physician-supervised weight loss program, and our clinic offers uniquely high levels of attention from Dr. Roberts for each patient. She designs a variety of highly individualized weight loss programs tailored to your specific medical, financial, and schedule needs that maximize your chances of success. She uses her combination of internal and integrative medical training to provide personalized treatment plans that use both supplements as well as injections or other therapies. Because of her world-class medical training, the doctor can help uncover any root causes of your weight gain and, if necessary, prescribe medication or treatment. Such conditions could include thyroid or other hormone imbalances, post partum or post-menopausal weight gain, metabolic syndrome, and binge or addictive eating. Our greatest goal is to help you lose weight and keep it off for life.

Our most popular weight loss plans include:

--Daily or weekly injections (or sublingual therapies for patients with risk factors for injections)

--Weight loss supplements that boost nutrient absorption, increase metabolism, and control blood sugar or insulin spikes that slow down fat metabolism and prescriptions if necessary

--Customized diet plans

--Brief weekly consultations with the doctor and her staff to ensure each patient is retaining muscle while losing fat—a strategy that helps ensure long-term weight loss and prevent yo-yo dieting. These meetings also provide moral support to complete the program.