Integrative Medicine: Overview

It’s been phenomenal and life changing for me. In a short period of time I’ve had a huge turnaround in my health. I no longer need a scooter in the mall or grocery store—I can even walk theme parks now!
— C.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patient
I wanted someone with an internal medicine degree because I felt like that was more legitimate than someone who just wants to do natural remedies. She’s not totally against medication if you need it, but we try other natural therapies and supplements first. I’ve gradually managed to get off of a lot of my medications. Even more than that, it feels like you’re more of a good neighbor than a patient. I felt like I was a number with the doctor I had.
— V.G. Springfield, Missouri
I had pins and needles everywhere, which morphed into a full-body burning sensation. I saw eight different doctors and specialists, who conducted nerve studies and MRIs, prescribed multiple prescription medications and steroids, and even delivered an X-ray guided steroid injection; none helped my condition. After six months I saw Dr. Roberts, who was the first doctor to ever mention or bring up that a moldy work environment could be causing my symptoms. The hormone and supplement treatments started helping within ten days, and we have used a variety of detoxification therapies to address the underlying problem. I had asked about hormone treatment, but a previous doctor declined despite the fact that I’m a middle aged woman. I’m so happy I found Dr. Roberts!
— T.G. Springfield, Missouri

Disclaimer: This testimonial does not represent a guarantee of medical improvement, and results may vary depending on the patient.

Delivering a medical lecture on integrative medicine

Delivering a medical lecture on integrative medicine

Dr. Roberts’ integrative medicine approach focuses on natural approaches like lifestyle, nutrition, and hormone balancing– if necessary combined with medications, but not based on them. Her traditional training at Hopkins University, Yale School of Medicine, and Mayo Clinic gives her world class understanding of the biochemical foundation for disease, which helps her imagine how vitamin/mineral deficiencies, lifestyle, and hormone imbalance could be contributing to patients’ medical problems. Many of our patients are seeking a more natural way to resolve medical problems, and Dr. Roberts has the tools to help them do so. Some are able to improve their weight or overall health to the point that they no longer need certain prescriptions for common problems like high blood pressure or anxiety/depression, though she prescribes medicines when necessary. 

A major advantage of our clinic’s integrative medicine is its independence. We are not beholden to patient quotas and other requirements that can hamper the patient-doctor relationship in some larger settings. Dr. Roberts and her staff can take the time get to know you and your needs while giving you the attention you deserve. Each medical plan is highly individualized to the patient’s body, because we believe no two patients are the same. Health is very personal, and we feel it deserves a personalized approach.